SMARTBoards in the Fine Arts & Specialized Areas

Tips & Tricks:
  • Items in the Gallery (Locate "Gallery" along the left side of the Notebook Software window). Once the Gallery is open--SelectEssentials for EducatorsYOUR SUBJECT AREA in the Gallery you will find a number of subject area related clip art items, including flash graphics, backgrounds, full pages, etc.

  • Lesson Activity Toolkit: Become familiar with the Lesson Activity Toolkit located in the gallery (picture frame icon) where you will find "preformatted" notebook files that can simply be edited.

Finding Pre-Made Lessons & Ideas:
  • Go to the SMART Education Site:
  • From the web site select “Lesson Activities for Notebook”→you will find it in orange along the left side of the window.
  • Navigate to the last link entitled, All Lesson Activities--browse by curriculum standard, subject, or grade level.
  • Teachers Love SMARTBoards(click the link for your area on the left when you navigate to the page):

Notebook Files:

Interactive Web Sites:
  • Interactive Media Sites:

  • Interactive Music Sites:
    • American Orff-Schulwerk Association: This site contains information in music and movement instruction and has links for art teachers too!
    • Virtual Piano: This site contains a virtual piano keyboard where you can select instruments and play the notes on a virtual keyboard.
    • Children's Music Web
    • Creating Music: K-8, As easy as they can finger-paint, children can "draw" musical compositions and listen to their creations, manipulate the tempo of classical music, solve musical puzzles by rearranging the melodies, and experiment with performing music by movement gesture.
    • DSO Kids site introduces students to symphonic music amd the orchestra and its instruments. "The Music Room" is a kids only page that is filled with information about composers and the instrument families, sheet music, color sheets, various games and activities, an animated seating chart for different musical periods, and a radio for listening to the audio selections.
    • Interactive piano

  • Interactive Art Sites:
    • Art Education and ArtEdventures: create art, study art, play art games, lesson plans, newsletter
    • ArtPad: free, online drawing program
    • Artsonia Kids Art Museum — The Largest Student Art Gallery on the Web!
    • ArtLex is an art dictionary with definitions of more than 3,300 terms plus thousands of images, pronunciation notes, and links.
    • ArtsConnectEd Classroom: The result of a partnership between The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center, and MCI, ArtsConnectEd's goal "is to make arts education timely, engaging, interactive, and pertinent for both teachers and students of all ages." The educational database is searchable by selecting any or all of several parameters or by clicking on "Search Wizard." It is also browseable, and there's even a downloadable Teachers' Guide in PDF format.
    • Arts Connect Ed created by teachers, is linked to our two major art museums. The site has an art gallery, library and archives, curriculum to use, and a "playground" site for your students to access.
    • Conservator's Studio (Seattle Art Museum) interactively explore four paintings from the Mexican Modernism exhibition through the eyes of a conservator. You'll have a new perspective on the paintings as well as how they are handled and prepared for display. Includes information about conservator's tools and a glossary.
  • Interactive Health/PE Sites:
    • Netfit Net Fit is a training program that is designed with pictures and interactive display of techniques used to perform various activities.
    • KidsHealth How the Body works interactive games and content
    • PE Central Interactive PE activities
    • Nutrition data Information about Nutrition for kids
  • Interactive Guidance Sites:
    • KidsHealth Growing Up
    • Kids Can Do Interactive site with resources for Elementary Counselors
    • McGruff Fun stories and adventures about child safety; starring McGruff (K-3)
    • Fema For Kids How to Be prepared for disasters

Using SMARTBoards in Music resources

Using SMARTBoards in Fine Arts resources

  • from our friends at ESU#10
  • Art History Resources on the Web: provides a truly comprehensive look at art, including Asian Art, African Art, and even art of Mesoamerica and Oceania. Clicking on any of the dozens of homepage categories brings up innumerable links to text and images. The site also contains a country-by-country list of museums plus image banks, and artist directories.
  • Artcyclopedia: This fine arts search engine allows you to search by artist name, artwork title, museum; or browse 7500+ artists by movement, medium, subject, or nationality.
  • ArtsEdge: news, lessons, on-line resources, K-12
  • Avalon Arts Studio features ideas for teachers: 3D art, construction, printmaking, painting, water colors, paper art, non messy art art, teacher resources, etc.
  • DSO Kids site introduces students to symphonic music amd the orchestra and its instruments. "The Music Room" is a kids only page that is filled with information about composers and the instrument families, sheet music, color sheets, various games and activities, an animated seating chart for different musical periods, and a radio for listening to the audio selections.
  • Instrument Encyclopedia discuss es each of the instruments with a link to the sound that it makes. Additionally there are instructions for making your own instruments, list of twenty-three general music activities, and twenty-two activities students can do at home. K-12
  • Draw and Color with Uncle Fred: step by step directions for drawing various cartoon figures. The method used to teach children to draw cartoons was adapted from the famous Uncle Fred videos.
  • Drawing in One-Point Perspective - This site has over one hundred pages of animations and illustrations that introduce the principles of one-point perspective and provide step-by-step instructions for drawing objects in one-point perspective.
  • Eyes on Art: provides specific strategies and activities that are designed to lead in a progression.
  • Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Art Interactive will show you a few different types of sculpture in the museum and encourage you to explore your own artistic expression by making a piece of art online.
  • Instrument Lab
  • Kaleidoscope Painter Draw the red dot around the black box to create a kaleidoscope.
  • Kinderart: articles on art education; ideas, links and lessons for K-12; artists and art history; contests, and more.
  • search for lyrics by artist or category
  • Interactive Musical Keyboard
  • SFS Kids Fun with Music: Hosted by the San Francisco Orchestra this web site introduces the language of music, the instruments of the orchestra, and visit the music lab to experiment with the sites and sounds of music.
  • Smithsonian Jazz: a series of interactive Flash modules that will teach students the fundamentals of jazz with plenty of auditory and visual reinforcement.
  • WebMuseum: Glossary of Painting Styles; Although at first glance the homepage seems unimpressive - just a clickable list of 12 major styles from Baroque to Surrealism - the deeper pages will take your breath away. Following the Renaissance link brings up a page explaining that period, and clicking on its embedded links for Botticelli, Titian, or da Vinci brings up first thumbnails and then full-screen photos of some priceless paintings that would ordinarily require a visit to Florence's Uffizi Gallery or St. Petersburg's Hermitage.

Using SMARTBoards in PE resources

Using SMARTBoards in Guidance resources