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Curricular Focus: Math

Tips & Tricks:
  • Items in the Gallery (Locate "Gallery" along the left side of the Notebook Software window). Once the Gallery is open--SelectEssentials for EducatorsMathematics In the Gallery you will find a number of math related clip art items, including graph paper, backgrounds, angles, protractors, fractions, money, symbols, etc.

  • Microsoft Word Equation Editor: If you have access to Microsoft Word, use of equation editor is a valuable tool to become familiar with. To insert an equation: Insert→Object→Microsoft Equation You can create mathematical equations such as fractions, square roots, etc. using this tool and then copy and paste them into the notebook file. (think about adding them to your content also)

  • Lesson Activity Toolkit: Become familiar with the Lesson Activity Toolkit located in the gallery (picture frame icon) where you will find "preformatted" notebook files that can simply be edited.

Finding Pre-Made Lessons:
  • Go to the SMART Education Site:
  • From the web site select “Lesson Activities for Notebook”→you will find it in orange along the left side of the window.
  • Navigate to the last link entitled, All Lesson Activities--browse by curriculum standard, subject, or grade level.

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Notebook Files:
  • Math Symbols Page: This notebook file page was created to make a "bunch" of math symbols available to math teachers who are beginning to create a gallery of content for use in their SMARTBoard Content. math symbols.notebook
  • 4th Grade Nebraska Math Standard 4.1.1 "Students will represent and show relationships among positive rational numbers within the base-ten number system." This file covers MA 1.1.1.a-4.1.1.i Math NE 4-1 Grade 4.notebook
  • 5th Grade Nebraska Math Standard 5.1.1 "Students will represent and show relationships among positive rational numbers" Math NE 5-1 Grade 5.notebook
Interactive Math Web Sites: