Hardware Connectivity

Nice to Know……

  • When on a stand, you will want to lower the board to below 6 foot so that it will fit through the doorway.
  • Feet lock the board in place
  • Software from Smart is usually updated a couple of times a year--schools may want to "hold off" and update during the summer so that everyone is running the same version.

Hardware connectivity

  • How to connect your Smartboard & Computerwelcome-smart.jpg
    • Step #1: Connect your computer to the Smart Board and Projector and turn your computer on (this will establish all the connections and you won’t end up troubleshooting)

    • Step #2: If the Smart Board Start Center is not visible, you will need to Open the Software/Program. In most cases you will find the Smart Board Software in the Applications Folder if usingapple.jpg
      or Start Menu→All Programs if usingwin.jpg
    • Step #3: A great starting point for using the Smart Board is to use the Floating Tools with a web browser or other programs that you generally use with your curriculum. Click the tab.jpgarrows/triangles on the Smart Board Floating Tools Tab to “activate” the floating tools menu so that you can begin using them when displaying a web page, program, or presentation.
      keep in mind that as long as your computer is connected to the Smart Board, you can also use the board’s tray tools.

  • Using the Pen Tray
    • Pen color is generated by the pen that is missing from the tray
    • Pen color is NOT the color of the pen taken.
    • Teachers can use dowels in place of the pens if you think you will lose them.

  • Tray Buttons
    • On-screen keyboard button
    • Right click button

orient2.jpgOrienting/Synching the Board

Orient the board: Hold down both buttons on the board tray (this is the easiest way!)
if you have the Smart Board Floating/Tab Tools open, located OPEN in the top menubar and navigate to ORIENT