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Early Reading and Primary Grades

The following books include wordless books, picture books, and easy to read books for younger children. Many also have stories for older students.

  • Bab Books

Between the Lions external image flash.gif
Great stories for beginning readers. Based on a popular TV show.
Big Books from NatureGrid
Great books to read online! Available in Welch and English. Great example of an interactive book.
Billy Bear's Playground
Stories featuring Billy Bear. Including Personalized Stories.
Great popular children's books read by famous actors!
Books written and narrated by Stephen Cosgrove.
Boowa and Kwala
Animated stories and songs, doesn't work on all systems.
The Busses of Sunnydown Garage
Explore the town of Sunnydown by through reading and exploring.
Candlelight Storiesexternal image flash.gif
A wide range of stories. Some free and some subscription.
Children Story from Mary Cavanaugh
Fairy tales, nursery rhymes, interactive stories, and holiday stories with audio.

Children's Storybooks Online external image flash.gif
Short stories with some sound, animation and activities.
Clifford Interactive Storybooks
Read a story and play a game with Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Drippy Drop
Story about a drop of water.
Enchanted Learning
Enchanted learning contains rhymes, stories,and lots of activities for young readers.
This site contains great stories and activities for all ages. Use the Library to locate stories. Don't miss North Star. It's available in both English in Spanish. Some stories can be downloaded for use later. Everything from picture books to chapterbooks are available for free.
Grid Club external image flash.gif
Stories, adventures, and interactive games. Some sections now are subscription.
John and El's Bear Time
Easy-to-read stories use photographs of teddy bears. Includes bear tales, poems, and songs.
International Children's Digital Library from University of Maryland
Scanned picture books from around the world.
Kennedy Center's Storytime Online
Includes Brothers of the Knight, Harlem: A Poem, and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Kids' Corner from Wired for Books
Read Peter Rabbit and many of her Beatrix Potter stories online. Also available in French, German, and Japanese. Also, listen toAlice's Adventures in Wonderland, Frog Prince, Christmas Carol, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and more.
Kids on the Net
They have two fun interactive reading areas. Visit Monster Hotel and Kids' Castle.
Stories and poems for children.
Learning Planet
Some free activities and online books such as Alphabet Action.
Lil' Fingers external image flash.gif
Stories for toddlers. Many with sounds.
Make a Story external image flash.gif
An interactive, only story that including animation, audio, and interaction.
Mama Lisa's World
Songs and poems from around the world. She also has Nursery Rhymes.
Mighty Book
Animated books. Samples are free including Barnyard Babies and Moogie the Messy Beastie.
The Official Berenstain Bears' Website
Read bear country stories with the Berenstain Bears. Read books in the Barn Theater.
Papa's Poems
Lots of original poems for children with original illustrations.
PBS Kids external image flash.gif
Stories based on PBS characters.
Reading A-Z
Subscription site with a few free items.
The Real Mother Goose
The original book with illustrations.
Rosetta Project: Pre-Reader & Early Readers
Scanned antique books.
Room 108 external image flash.gif
Read stories with sounds, animation, games, and songs.
Sesame Street Stories
flash graphic - flash media used
flash graphic - flash media used
Read easy and wordless stories such as Buckle Up, Teddy, Elmo Goes to the Doctor, Elmo's Special Cupcakes, High Noon,Lemonade Stand, Spotty Day, Thanks for the Memories, Wear Your Helmet, The Yucky Letter M, Zoo Who?
Star Fall
flash graphic - flash media used
flash graphic - flash media used
One of the best places for beginning readings with simple stories and great activities. You can even write for free materials!
Story Creations by Sears Portrait Studios
Lots of great personalized storybooks.
Story Hour
Read and listen to simple stories. Check out Mother Goose.
Story Place
Read, listen to stories, and play games in English and Spanish. Sections for different ages.
StoryBox from Dreambox
Read BlueBear, Honey Bees & Bears, and Bears in the Attic. Very easy to read!
There are 10 great stories to read here. You can choose to read them yourself, or have them read out loud to you. The illustrations are funny!
Tell Me A Story
Stories for children to read and explore
Theodore Tugboat Stories
Read stories about the famous tugboat. Includes interactive stories.
Read a story about the Titch
Toad Hall Library
Stories with sound, animation, and graphics.
Great online books - subscription required.
Wacky Web Tales
Read stories and create your own personalized stories.
Webbed into Literacy
Aimed at head start teachers, contains many e-books and activities.
Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By
Myths, fables and stories with children's illustrations
Virtual Church Kids!
Popular, illustrated Bible stories.
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Intermediate/Middle Grades

These books are designed for children who are past the picture book stage and ready for short stories and chapter books. However they are a little easier to read than books for middle and upper grades.
4 to 40
Poems, stories, and folktales.
ABC Arts Online: Winged Sandalsexternal image flash.gif
Explore Hermes the messenger god and learn about gods, heroes, and monsters.
Adventures of Banph
Chapter book about an ant with activities.
Amazing Adventures
Read two (June the Prune and Lazy Circles) flash-enhanced stories with RealAudio, with activities.
American Folklore
Tall tales, myths and legends, ghost & spooks, and more.
Antique Books
This antique collection includes scanned copies of the Golden Books.
Bunyips from National Library of Australia
Aboriginal stories from Australia including sound and animation. Very cool!
Brookfield Zoo
Interactive story
Chunky Monkey's Rain Forest Friends
Read stories set in the rainforest.
Classic Children's Stories
Stories and poems by author and illustrator.
Croatian Tales of Long Ago external image flash.gif
Great animated fairy tales. (watch for popups)
Defenders of Wildlife
Articles and activities on wildlife and conservation. Be sure to read Web of Life.
Farmhouse Fables
Read stories set next to the Old Farmhouse.
Fletcher Hil - The Place Online
Read intermediate reading level online stories such as Rosie and Her Paintbrush, Blue-Lined Socks, Buck BuckAA, Magic Basket and Jar, Treasure of Shard Mountain, Zoobaybay, Rix, Stained Glass Wings, Giant the Squirrel, Force Magnified, and Wind-up Dog. Some in comic book format.
Giggle Poetry
Many fun poems to read.
Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes & Tales
Stories, poems, and songs. Lots of fun!
Grimm Brothers
Choose the type of fairy tale you wish to read by answering questions and making choices.
Hans Christian Anderson
Fairy tales and stories
Read Hanukkah stories.
Ika's Stories
Stories in both English and Spanish.
International Children's Digital Library from University of Maryland
Scanned picture books from around the world.
KidWizard - Interactive Story
A personalized story about wizards, magical creatures, and kids.
MacScouter Ghost Stories
Great spooky stories!
Magic Scroll
This is an example of an interactive story where you make choices and see a different story each time.
Read animated, musical, and interactive tales.
Mike Rofone - The Roving Reporter
Online chapterbook about the adventures of a roving reporter.
MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
Great online mysteries for kids.
Contains information
Neverending Tale
Read the teachers section for access to a classroom version.
Nightmare Room
Explore your own personal nightmare!
Peetnick Mysteries
Great online, interactive mystery set in Clutterbuck Valley. Great for reluctant readers.
Planet OzKids
Stories and mysteries for middle grades. Includes detective stories and myths and legends.
Poetry for Kids
Read fun poems and learn to write poems.
The true story of the baby on the Sacagawea Dollar.
Prince Apple Head Humpledink
Read a story about a prince.
Raccoons from Mars
Read about raccoons from Mars.
Rosetta Project: Intermediate Readers
Scanned antique books for intermediate readers.
Secrets at Seaexternal image flash.gif
Educational adventure game to explore oceans.
Shoo Rayner external image flash.gif
Website with short stories and ideas for writing your own interactive books. Don't miss the Alien Abduction.
Storybook from Kid's Channel
Read four stories. You can even submit your own story.
Storybook Online
Readers read, listen, and write books online.
The Symphony of Friendship
Story set in Japan.
Tales of Wonder
Over 80 folk and fairy tales from around the world.
Zen Stories
Fables and stories in the Zen tradition.

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Young Adults & Adults
Great sound for online literature in many categories.
More than 2000 texts with study and research guides.
Book a Minute
Fun, ultracondenses books. It would be fun to have students create their own.
Encyclopedia Mythica
This encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend has many things to read and explore.
Favorite Poem
People read their favorite poems. Both audio and video are available.
HyperText Literary Works
Classic fiction online.
Internet Classics Archive
Contains 441 works of classical literature by 59 authors.
Moonlit Road
Ghost stories and folktales from the American south told by regional storytellers.
Read stories and participate in activities and discussions.
Perseus Digital Library
Lots of online texts.
Read and listen to poems by famous poets.
Project Gutenberg
Tons of classic text in many languages.
Reference Department Electronic Texts and Images Collection
A few classic books including Hoosier history and Pied Piper of Hamelin.
Rosetta Project
Scanned antique books for advanced readers and adults.

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By Kids, For Kids

Alan Brown Just for Kids
Stories and poems by kids. Submit your own!
Charlotte's Web
Children developed materials, stories, and activities based on Charlotte's Web.
Explore folk and fairy tales in different languages as well as projects by students.
Folk Tales from Around the World
As part of an i*earn project, students from many different countries submitted folk tales.
School Central from Willoughbby
Lots of student projects to read and explore.
School Pages and Ezines from Kids on the Net
Explore student writing.
Storybook from Kids-Space
Read students written by kids and write your own.
Storybook Library from University Park Elementary
Read stories by elementary and middle school students from Fairbanks, Alaska.
This international project involves students in creating projects. Explore their list of projects based on Books, Authors, or Books and Literature.
The Wizard of Oz
Retelling of the Wizard of Oz by elementary students in Tempe, Arizona.
Young Writers & Illustrators Contest Winners from Reading Rainbow
Annual writing and drawing contest.

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Content Area Reading

Links to many popular topics and resources.
American History from Smithsonian
Explore topics such as The American Presidency. Also explore the National Air and Space Museum.
American Museum of Natural History Kids
This museum has many online stories and reading opportunities such as How Lou Got the Flu, Endangered! and Ology.
America's Story
Lots of readings and activities on American History
Art Tales: Wildlife Art
Wildlife reading, writing, and art.
Biomes and Ecosystems
Readings on science from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Field Museum in Chicago
Many exhibits include Sue at the Field Museum
Learner Exhibits
Lots of online exhibits and project such as Middle Ages.
National Geographic
Online articles and projects including Lightning: Shocking Story and National Geographic World.
Check out their many program projects. Also, check out PBSKids.
Great articles, activities, and readings including Hiroshima: A Survivor's Story
Teacher Tap
Explore links to reference resources, news sources, and content area links.
Theodore Roosevelt
Basic information about this president.
US History
Article on American History
Victor the Vector
Adventures at sea.

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Lists and Collections

42eXplore: Storytelling
Links to storytelling websites
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Text
Public domain documents from American and English literature.
Christmas Time Together from Imagitek
Links to stories and poems with Christmas theme
Digital Book Index
Links to nearly 1000,000 titles from around the world, about half are free.
Electronic Books for Handheld Devices
Lists ebooks for purchase for handheld devices.
Links to many online books
Ethemes Online Reading
Links to online reading websites
IPL Online Texts
Links to online texts
Iroquois Oral Traditions
Links to many Native American Stories.
Online Books Page
Search a database to thousands of online books. This site is a great way to locate books online.
Online Books from 4kids
Links to online books.
Online Library of Literature
Lots of online literature resources
Online Story Links
Lots of links
Search Ebooks
Search engine for ebooks
Stories in French from IPL
Links to stories in French language.
Stories in Spanish from IPL
Links to stories in Spanish language.
Webtime Stories
Provides a great list of links to stories in different categories.
Links to online stories with sound
Links to online stories
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Reviewing and Creating Online Books

There are many places where you can find online stories and books. Many of these books can be printed and made into your own books. If you're looking for good online stories, use the word "story" in your search.
Read 75 Things to do in the classroom with eBooks. Many of these ideas can be applied to online books.
Review Books
As you evaluate online books, look for some of the following characteristics.
  • Sound
  • Clickable words with definitions or animation
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Meaningful story
  • Reading level and vocabulary
Build Your Own
One of the exciting things about electronic reading materials is the ability to develop and use Hypertext. Hypertexts are a form of non-linear writing.
Read HyperText from English Online. Notice how students are creating their own Hypertexts.
Create your own electronic books! Start by reading a book about writing books! It's called Make a Book and you can read it online or download it. You can build web pages and post them online. Or, develop electronic books in HyperStudio, KidPix, or PowerPoint.
Use the following web resources for ideas whether you're writing online or traditional stories and books:
Exhibits Collection - What Makes a Good Short Story?
Takes you through writing a short story
Literature Circle Extension Project
This off-site project contains examples of many different kinds of books that can be made.
Make a Book
Easy to read book about making books.
Pop-Up Books
Learn to make pop-up books.
Write Site
An interactive language arts and journalism project for middle schools
Writers for the Future
This project focuses on how to write hypertext, collaborative, and other online media. Also check the Teacher's section.