Marzano's Strategies
by R. Marzano

Idea for Using the Smartboard with Marzano's Strategies

Pam-icon-avatar.jpgResearch on White Boards as 21st Century Tools:Marzano-Study.jpg
Education Leadership "Teaching With Interactive Whiteboards" ~ Robert Marzano
Summary of the Research: This research article, completed by noted educational researcher and strategist Robert Marzano summarizes his findings on the use of Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom.

Education Week "Whiteboards Impact on Education....." ~ Kathleen Manzo
Summary of the Research: This article shares author Kathleen Manzo's finding on how a teacher's use of interactive whiteboards impacts the student learning results.

EDitLib ~ "A New Teacher Tool: Interactive Whiteboards a Meta Analysis" ~ Fatih Saltan
Summary of the Research: This review examines the published findings from experimental and case studies of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs), concentrating on research findings published between 1995 and 2008