Integrating Smart Boards into the Math Classroom

Smart Notebook Pages: Below are pages that have been found, used for training or created by teachers learning to use the Smart Board. All of the notebook files may be found on other pages in this wikispace, this was simply an effort to bring all of the math related notebook pages together.

Math Symbol Pages: (Below are links to Smart Notebook Pages containing math symbols) math symbols.notebook

Teachers Love SMARTBoards Math Page:

Items in the Gallery (Locate "Gallery" along the left side of the NoteBook Software window)
Once the Gallery is open--SelectEssentials for EducatorsMathematics
In the Gallery you will find a number of math related clip art items, including graph paper, backgrounds, angles, protractors, fractions, money, symbols, etc.

Microsoft Word Equation Editor: If you have access to Microsoft Word, use of equation editor is a valuable tool to become familiar with. To insert an equation: Insert→Object→Microsoft Equation

Video Site on SmartBoards in Math

Links for Math