Advanced Techniques in Smart Notebook
Why Use Smartboards?:

The study results indicated that, in general, using interactive whiteboards was associated with a 16 percentile point gain in student achievement. This means that we can expect a student at the 50th percentile in a classroom without the technology to increase to the 66th percentile in a classroom using whiteboards.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Items in the Gallery (Locate "Gallery" along the left side of the Notebook Software window). Once the Gallery is open--Select→Gallery Essentials forGalleryEssentials.png EducatorsYOUR SUBJECT AREA in the Gallery you will find a number of subject area related clip art items, including flash graphics, backgrounds, full pages, etc.Lesson_Activity_Toolkit.png
  • Lesson Activity Toolkit: Become familiar with the Lesson Activity Toolkit located in the gallery (picture frame icon) where you will find "preformatted" notebook files that can simply be edited.

Finding Pre-Made:
  • Go to the Smart Education Site:
  • From the web site select “Lesson Activities for Notebook”→you will find it in orange along the left side of the window.
  • Navigate to the last link entitled, All Lesson Activities--browse by curriculum standard, subject, or grade level.

Smart Notebook Samples to Share:

Smart Notebook Skills: Intermediate Smartboards.notebook

  • Layering: layers are created in the order that you add them, or you can select ordering (move to front, back, forward, move to back)

  • Adding Sounds: create sounds with an application such as GarageBand, Sound Companion or Audacity (free for Mac and Win) then select-->sound from the object pull down menu.

  • paperclip.jpgLinking Files: Files and web sites can be linked to a Smart Notebook file. Click on the Paper Clip Tab (see at left) and then look for the icons at the bottom of the navigation pane/inserting pane. (see at right) The icon on the left is to insert a web site link and the icon on the left is to insert a link to a document (which could be a movie file, document file, etc.)

  • Screen recording: To record a video of the Smart Board and any audio that you "say" at the computer, simply recorder.jpgclick on the "video recorder" in the tab tools and a recorder will open where you can begin and end the recording.
  • Area Capture: Area capture looks like a camera icon and allows the user to select the area of the screen or notebook file to capture and save to Smart Notebook.

  • Creating Buttons: Button icons are available in the clip art gallery or shapes can be made to create buttons. One the shape is made or added to a notebook page, the objects can be "linked" to another page in Smart Notebook from the Object Drop Down-->Link (Control Clicking the button allows the button to be deleted or edited)

  • Creating Pull Tabs:Pull_Tab_sm.jpg Pull tabs are simply clip art from the gallery. Run a search in the Clip Gallery for "pull tabs" and many pictures of pull tabs will be made available. Drag one to your page and then "ungroup" the pull tab so that the text can be edited. (see at right)

  • Cloning Pages: To clone a page, select the page you want to duplicate/clone in the navigation pane and from the "Page drop down menu" select-->clone page.

  • Saving pages & clip art to YOUR CONTENT: Drag images to the "my content" folder in the Clip Art Gallery to add them to your gallery. Users can also add an entire page to the gallery by selecting the "Add Page to Gallery" in the page object (drop down) menu.

  • Adding Images from Google (and other sources): Image can be copied from Google and pasted on a Notebook Page. If you have images or pictures on your computer, you can drag them to a notebook page.

  • groups.jpg
  • Grouping Notebook Pages: If users want to organize the pages in a Notebook file (by chapters, units of study, student groups, etc.) simply click on the "Groups" button at the top of your pages and then Add a Group. Pages can then be organized into groups.

Adding Interactivity: Flash (.flv) and Shockwave (.swf) files can be found on millions of sites online. If you download a .flv or .swf file, they can be placed directly in your Smart Notebook file to dramatically enhance your lessons.

Adding Video:

Build a Lesson: Teachers will build a lesson containing items from the Activity Toolkit and also from "scratch."

Smart Exchange: Smart Exchange is available in a "hot clickable" link located in the clip art gallery.

Lesson Sharing: Teachers will be sharing some of their favorite lessons (ones they find or ones they have created and we will list these here)