Smart Notebook:

Notebook Tool Overview
    • notebook.jpgSmart Notebook Window:
    • OPEN the Smart Notebook: The easiest way to open the Smart Notebook is using the Smart Tab (If you don't see this open Smart Tools in the Applications or Programs Folder on your hard drive)

    • Tools are located across the top of the window.
    • Notebook paper/area is located along one of the sides (you can change the side by clicking the double arrow icon)
    • Palette View is located along the left side (by default) with tabs for:
    • Page Sorter: shows all pages in the notebook—you can click to get to the pages
    • Gallery: paper/background, pictures and tools to drag to your notebook paper.
    • Attachments: Attach any of your related documents or web links to your notebook pages.
    • Fill Color: Fill Pallette of colors available for use

Notebook Tools