Smart Software Tools:

Smartboard Floating/Tab Tools:
  • Click the arrow/triangles located on the Floating/Tab Tools icon to “activate” the floating tools menu so that you can begin using them when displaying a web page, program, or presentation.
  • Keep in mind that as long as your computer is connected to the Smart Board, you can also use the board’s tray tools.


Board Tools vs Tab Tools

Manual/Tray Tools

Tab Tools

  • For Student
When going to the board
When using a slate, tablet, at the board, or working from laptop
  • To Capture a Screen for Use Later
A frame is drawn around the writing--click the camera to put in the notebook for use later.
Capture/Camera icon--captures the board and puts the image in notebook for use later
  • Available Tools
Limited to pens, eraser, keyboard, right click (uses a frame around your writing)
Undo, select, pen, highlighter, screen shade, magnify, capture, eraser, rt. click, add tools, spotlight, print, etc.